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Oct 6, 2012 11:50pm EDT
would give us a line item veto to help deal with that. qualifications a lot are going to be the issue in this campaign, george bush has more qualifications that george bush and michael dukakis combined. [applause] >> 11 interrupt and ask once again that the audience please keep your responses as quiet as possible. we know many of these are simply one -- for simply one candidate or another. you're taking time away from one candidate or another. please, senator bentsen, you have one minute to respond. >> this debate is not about the qualifications for the vice- president say. the debate is whether or not lloyd bentsen and dan quayle are qualified to be president of the united states. as you have sex, that has happened too often in the past -- as you have said it, that has happened too often in the past. running this great country of ours, to take over the awesome responsibility for commanding the military this country has. the debate is a debate about the presidency itself and a presidential decision that has takes made by you, the state' could not be higher. >> what bothers you -- what
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1